Computer Science: Principles – Possible new AP course?

I came across the webcasts for AP Computer Science 10 at UC Berkeley, which seems to be a pilot course for Computer Science Principles (  Althought it’s a non-major course, I think it’s an excellent idea.  I suspect that many students end up majoring in the subject because of courses like this.  Speaking from personal experience, I did end up majoring in computer science after taking the non-major introductory course (CS 3 at the time).  I think it would be wonderful for mathematics to be able to better publicize and offer a similar course for math.  Many colleges offer such a course under titles such as “Math for Liberal Arts” or “Math in Society.”  Different books aimed at such courses are also published, such as Key Curriculum Press’ “The Heart of Mathematics”, or COMAP’s “For All Practical Purposes” (  A course like this could provide a broader perspecive of applications of math and at least for me, what’s applealing about this approach is the logic and problem solving involved with more rigorous mathematics than just arithmetic.


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