All Seniors Take Calculus…

I have a terrible memory and so acronyms are something that I rely on…  “Every Good Boy Does Fine”, “FACE”, “Great Big Dogs Fight Alligators”, and “All Cows Eat Grass” are some that I live by.  Even “SOH CAH TOA” is something that’s helped me for nearly 20 years.  Acronyms and shortcuts are great for brute-force memorization.  However, I’m putting this post out there to maybe plead for help in getting my anger management in check.  I hate, really really hate, perhaps even despise the acronym “All Seniors Take Calculus.”  I’m not sure why it prokes such a strong negative reaction within me – I think it’s because it really strips away meaning at the cost of coming up with a cute saying.  After all, if one understands that (and why) the x-coordinate on the unit circle is the cosine of the angle, the y-coordinate on the unit circle is the sine of the angle, and y/x is the tangent of the angle, one doesn’t need the overhead of “All Seniors Take Calculus.”  Plus, how does that saying help deal with figuring out that the cosine of 180 degrees is negative, for example?  Help me not be so hateful…


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4 Responses to All Seniors Take Calculus…

  1. Mythagon says:

    I’m with you on the rage here, so I’ll not be much help. I tend to say ‘why?’ when they bring that one up. I also start pulling out large poly multiplication when kids say ‘FOIL’, though…

  2. FOIL doesn’t bother me nearly so much as this one. I can’t help you with the hate, either, Clint. Why add garbage to your brain? I hate that the textbooks include this as a ‘helpful’ hint. What bs.

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  4. says:

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