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How do they do it?

Right now, the impetus for me cleaning out my drafts folder of posts I’ve begun is sitting in a West Seattle coffee shop procrastinating from doing more National Boards writing…  I was genuinely shocked to see the last time I’d … Continue reading

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Review, ad infinitum…

In elementary school, I used to get excited right around when we reached p.100 of our math books, because that’s when we would really start doing stuff.  Those triple digits meant that lessons would no longer be about practicing addition … Continue reading

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All Seniors Take Calculus…

I have a terrible memory and so acronyms are something that I rely on…  “Every Good Boy Does Fine”, “FACE”, “Great Big Dogs Fight Alligators”, and “All Cows Eat Grass” are some that I live by.  Even “SOH CAH TOA” is … Continue reading

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Computer Science: Principles – Possible new AP course?

I came across the webcasts for AP Computer Science 10 at UC Berkeley, which seems to be a pilot course for Computer Science Principles (  Althought it’s a non-major course, I think it’s an excellent idea.  I suspect that many … Continue reading

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